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Anyone who has ever seen a baker squeeze icing from a tube when decorating a cake​ has a basic understanding of extrusion.


The icing takes a particular shape of the nozzle as it leaves the tube. Similarly, plastic extrusion is the process of forcing heated material through an orifice or die. This material, after a cooling process, takes the shape of that particular die. Items such as plastic pipe, wire coverings and profile shapes are made in this manner.

Profile extrusions are special cross sections designed to meet the specific requirements of manufacturers. Extrusions are widely used in a variety of industries. Our business is devoted exclusively to extruding these profiles.

Processing Methods

Extrusion: Plastics extrusion can be defined as converting plastic powder or granules into a continuous uniform melt and forcing this melt through a die opening to form the desired shape. The end product is achieved by cooling the shaped extrudate in its final form.

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